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Great Grandvampa Giclee Print


Great Grandvampa

This is a Giclée fine art print of the original painting.

Great Grandvampa is the patriarch of a very unusual family. So his facilities aren’t what they were and “fangtures” aren’t as scary as the real thing but he’ll still give you the hairy eyeball and call forth an unholy league of the undead if you cross him so, eh, I suggest you don’t do that.

He usually sleeps for three or four years at a time now so he shouldn’t cause you much inconvenience.

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Print Description

Giclée prints are a high quality fine art print using the finest quality paper and the latest professional vivid archival inks.

Our Giclée prints are printed on one of the finest quality, acid free papers – Hahnemuhle Photorag (308gsm). This is a first-class medium and heavy duty art paper with a textured, fibrous finish.

At Kevin McHugh Art, all of our Giclée prints come with a 0.25 inch white border.

Our prints are done at 1440 dpi (dots per inch) using an 8-colour pigment ink system which means sharper, more detailed prints and a more impressive colour gamut.

Using 3 level black ink technology means better grey balance, impressive mid-tones and eliminates colour casts for true black & white reproduction.


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