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The Gruesome Gill-Men Mug


The Gruesome Gill-Men – Creature from the Black Lagoon Mug

The latest team to join the hallowed ranks of the Hollowhill Allstar Monsters’ Sports Academy, these fearsome amphibians excel in water sports such as swimming (both speed and synchronised) and high-diving but also throw a mean javelin, thanks to their experience in “returning” harpoons to their rightful owners.

The Gill-men are a high flying, dive bombing tour de force and will stop at nothing to win the girl, er, I mean prize!

Each mug has the team logo on one side and the Hollowhill logo on the other.

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Mug Details

11 oz ceramic mugs with a high gloss finish.

Please note these may fade in the dishwasher and so for longevity, please go old fashioned and hand wash.


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